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Live Event Photography Add-on

***For a limited time, this service is free with your Live Audio Sound Reinforcement package; a $25 value*** As an add-on to our live audio services, we can take promotional photos of your event. I will shoot 50 or more shots with a Canon T3i DSLR and provide you with a link to the high resolu...

Location: Centre County, PA

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Rehearsal Coaching

I bet your band is in a rut. Your keyboard player hogs the middle, acoustic player beats the guitar at one volume, bass player is bored, drummer doesn't signal the sections, electric player noodles, singers all sing melody all the time. And everybody overplays. Well, maybe it's not that bad...

Location: Within 1 hour of Lancaster, PA

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Music Video Production Package

Full music video production for one song/chart! Music production package includes: * Up to 5 hours of filming services - one camera, full hi-def * Up to 5 hours of editing/compositing/sound mixing/mastering * Pro audio recording of "live performance" with up to four discreet tracks * Expert ...

Location: Greater Philadelphia/NYC metro area

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Paper Portraits

I can create different types of pictures by cutting and layering different shades and colors of construction paper. I am best with portraits (from the shoulders up), but I can also do animals, flowers and plants, simple objects, and more. I prefer to make artwork that is 9x12 inches, though large...

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Need Creativity and Innovation?

My name is Demi Lashawn and I'm a multi-media artist In Baltimore Md. I do photography work, videography, production, songwriting, creative directing and creative consulting. If you ave a problem and need a creative solution feel free to check out my website and contact me. My work will speak for...

Location: Baltimore

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Real Estate Photography

To make your home stand out in today's real estate market, you need a set of photos that showcase the best of your home - the best angles, the best light, and the best views. As a professional photographer, I will come to your home - or the home you have been hired to market - and prepare a pack...

Location: Central Pennsylvania

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Family Photography-outdoors

I would love to photograph a wonderful, loving family in a natural setting. Outside, in a park, or in any other natural location. I would love as well if you would like to include your animals, they are family too! I have a flexible schedule, including evenings. I look forward to your call!

Location: Baltimore and surrounding area

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we do custom made t-shirts

we are looking for new clients that are interested in getting there name or brand printed on t-shirts. you provide the design and we print it on hoodies,t-shirt, or even sweats.. let us

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Professional Photographer Available for Hire

Are you in need of a photographer who is knowledgeable, professional, and reliable? Do you have a party, children's birthday party, event, reunion, engagement, wedding and/or reception, baptism, naming ceremony, or holiday party coming up and want it documented through photos? In need of portr...

Location: Washington, DC & Baltimore areas

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Mobile Apps and Websites For Your Business

Are you losing customers because they are looking at your website on their smart phone and getting frustrated? They're having to zoom in and out and scroll left and right just to read a simple article on your website because it's not formatted correctly to fit their phone screen? Do you want ...

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